5 Key Benefits of Business Process Modeling

5 Key Benefits of Business Process Modeling

Business Process Modeling is becoming a higher priority for business managers and analysts as there is an increasing emphasis in organizations to document, understand and improve their business processes. Managers and business owners are realizing that operating their businesses without well documented processes is just like a pilot who is flying blind without properly functioning instruments and navigation. Well documented and streamlined processes are essential in a smooth functioning of a team as they help ensure consistency, trackability and focus towards a shared goal.

Business Process Modeling is a combination of various process related steps such as Process Mapping, Process Discovery, Process Simulation, Process Analysis and Process Improvement. Although a holistic business process modeling exercise would cover all these steps in some depth, analysts have found that even a partial modeling exercise that involves a subset of these steps is a good start and yields significant benefits.

Business process modeling provides important benefits to companies and organizations such as the ones listed below.

  1. Align Operations with Business Strategy
  2. Improve Process Communication
  3. Increase Control and Consistency
  4. Improve Operational Efficiencies
  5. Gain Competitive Advantage


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